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eLearning Videos & Training Guides Kuali Coeus - Grants

Kuali Coeus at Indiana University
"...our faculty and staff will have an unrivaled suite of tools to empower their efforts in every phase of the highly competitive grant process,"
– President Michael A. McRobbie
"We see this new system as a game-changer...for Indiana University,"
– Vice President for Research (2010-15),
Dr. Jorge José

Kuali Coeus Quick Learning Videos

  Videos / Topics:   Duration:   Release Date:
Starting a Proposal 00:03:10 09-10-2013
Approver View 00:04:37 09-10-2013
Getting Started Through OneStart and Navigation Overview 00:05:30 09-10-2013
Adding a Budget to a Proposal 00:03:50 09-10-2013

Training Guides

Quick Start Guides are documents that provide a brief overview of functionality. The guides are often used as a quick reference point or cheat sheet.

Formal Classroom Guides are documents that provide very detailed information regarding system functionality.
The guides are used during formal classroom training.

To view the schedule and register for a class, visit the Kuali Coeus Training Sessions page.

Supplemental Guides are documents that focus on specialized information regarding system functionality.
The guides are used to supplement training or to provide a more narrow view of Kuali Coeus topics.