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Award Acceptance & Administration

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

An MTA is an agreement that allows one party to perform research using the materials of another party. This agreement governs common issues such as allowable uses, transfer of rights, intellectual property rights, confidentiality, and liability.

MTA's should be sent the Office of Research Administration at the following email address:

An informational sheet should be completed and sent with the MTA to the email address above. Use the IU as Recipient informational sheet if you will be receiving materials from an organization outside of IU. Use the IU as Provider if you are sending IU materials to another organization. The contact number for questions regarding MTA's is (317) 274-7925. Please click on a link below to fill out the appropriate information sheet.

Why is an MTA needed?

  • An MTA allows for the proper tracking of research materials (biohazards, etc.), compliance with the individual terms and conditions on use, and protection of the intellectual property interests of both the recipient and provider of the materials.
  • Usually the owner of patented material is the researcher's university or organization. Receiving material from a researcher, even if he/she is the developer of the material, without a written MTA could infringe a patent owned by the researcher's university or organization.
  • Unauthorized use of patented material in one's research could potentially result in a patent infringement action against you and Indiana University.
  • A completed MTA documents permission to use the material so the importance of such documentation should not be overlooked.
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