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Award Acceptance & Administration

Award Receipt & Acceptance

What are the Agency type and sub fund codes?

The table below provides a quick way to determine the compliance guidelines that should be applied to your account depending upon the type of awarding agency.

Agency Type Code/Account Description Sub-Fund Examples
Federal F

42, 43, 46, 48
Agencies of the U.S. Government FEDER DHHS, NIH, NSF, USDE, NEH, EPA, Navy, NASA, DOE
State of Indiana S

Any government agency of the State of Indiana STATE Indiana State Dept. of Health, Indiana Division of Mental Health, 21st Century Fund
Other Government G

Any non-federal, non-State of Indiana Agency governmental entity, including local school corporations, which are not included in F or S above. (Excludes foreign governments) OTGOV Illinois Department of Mental Health, Chicago Department of Public Works, City of Bloomington, Indianapolis Public Schools
Higher Education H

All institutions of higher education HIEDU Purdue University, Washington University at St. Louis, University of Puerto Rico
Commercial / For Profit I

For-profit corporations, businesses or industries COMME
Eli Lilly & Company, Proctor & Gamble, Merck & Company
Foundations D

44, 54
Non-governmental, non-profit organizations to disburse funds for philanthropic purposes; usually endowed for a single source, either an individual, family or corporation (normally includes foundation, fund, trust or endowment in the agency name) FOUND Lilly Endowment, Kellogg Foundation, National Kidney Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trust, Showalter Foundation
Non-Profit P

Not-for-profit agencies excluding foundations and all other agencies not fitting into categories listed above; includes voluntary health organizations, professional societies, individuals, and foreign governments NONPR Phi Beta Psi, Riley Memorial Association, Leukemia Society of America, Indiana Humanities Council, American Heart Association

Agency Specific:

40 Other Grant and Contracts
41 Non-Profit Organizations
42 U. S. Department of Education (USDE)
43 Other Federal Agencies
44 Foundations (awarded to IU)
45 Commercials

46 Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS, NIH)
47 State of Indiana
48 National Science Foundation (NSF)
54 Lilly Endowment (awarded to IUF)
55 Income Accounts (from all agencies)

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