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Award Acceptance & Administration

Award Receipt & Acceptance

What items in the award are reviewed?

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Institutional Audit Report:

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Some of the issues we look for on behalf of the project director and IU include:

  • an adequate work statement
  • an appropriate time period
  • the amount of funding and cash flow
  • protection of intellectual property
  • protection of faculty and student rights to publish
  • and other fiscal and legal matters.

Are project directors involved in this process?

They can be. Project directors are often asked to review the agreement to make sure the work statement in particular appropriately describes the project they'll be doing. If the sponsor awards a dollar amount different from the amount requested in the original proposal, the project director will be asked to prepare a revised budget to reflect the awarded amount. The Office of Research Administration staff member will also be in touch with faculty if there are other questions or to report on progress if the negotiation is ongoing. Project directors always receive a copy of the final award document.

Project directors can track the status of their recently received awards with MyRA.

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