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Effort Certification

Guidance - A-21 Effort Certification

What: The A-21 Effort Certification Document is an after-the-fact method of accounting for effort of an employee, whose normal salary was paid in whole or part, or cost shared on a sponsored research account.

Why: Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21, issued by the federal government, contains cost principles for educational institutions. One of the major subjects addressed by these regulations is verification that the salaries charged are consistent with effort expended. The A-21 Effort Certification Document was developed by the Indiana University to comply with this requirement. Anyone paid normal pay from a contract or grant account or whose salary is used to meet a cost-sharing commitment, is required to have their effort certified through an A-21 Effort Certification Document.

How: The A-21 Effort Certification Document is created and electronically distributed in the Kuali Financial System (KFS) by the Office of Research Administration and serves as the certification documentation required under the OMB Circular A-21.

A21 Effort Certification Documents are generated for employees who are paid in part or in full from federal or fed-pass-through projects. These electronic documents route initially to the fiscal officer or assigned delegate on all sponsored accounts for which the employee was paid. Once approved the documents then route to account project directors on all federal and federal pass through projects for certification.

All A21 Effort Certification Documents must be fully approved in the KFS within 60 days of issuance.

A guidance document for A21 Effort Certification Document routing and approval can be found at the following link: pdf A21 Effort Certification and KFS – Guidance for Document Routing and Approval

For additional information concerning the A-21 Effort Certification Document process or if you would like training in this specific area, please contact the GFO Team in the Office of Research Administration


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