Proposal Preparation & Submission

Getting Started

In order to get started on Grant & Contract Services Proposal Preparation & Submission, researchers need to consider two important questions. These questions are presented below:

What is a Sponsored Project?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

A Sponsored Project is supported by external funding to conduct research, training, educational activities, and public service projects. There may be some restrictions imposed by the external sponsor. Learn More >

What proposal Information do you need?

Link: Basic Steps Diagram

In order to prepare your application to your external sponsor, you may need to gather institutional information, application guidelines, and subcontractor information.

  • Institutional Information
    Information for completing agency forms, e.g., Fringe Benefit rates,
    F & A rates, DUNS numbers, and Addresses. Learn More >

  • Agency Guidelines
    Before preparing your application, make sure that you obtain the Agency Guidelines and thoroughly read them. Learn More >

  • Subcontract Information
    Proposals including a subcontractor in the budget must contain certain information. Learn More >
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