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The following rates should be used in the preparation of proposal budgets for submission to external agencies for funding. Contact Grants Administration via the 'Contact Us' link to the left if you have any questions.

Retirement and Fringe Benefits Effective July 1, 2018:

Please use these rates on all proposals submitted. Benefits are pooled and all persons are charged based upon object codes and not on benefit entitlement. Non-student hourly personnel employed more than 1000 hours annually are covered by the PERF retirement plan. Retirement and Fringe Benefit Rates effective July 1, 2018.

Group Retirement FICA Other Fringe Benefits Fee Remissions Total Description
A 12.17% 6.61% 19.31%   38.09% Academic (object codes 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2280 2288) and professional exempt appointees (object codes 2400, 2408, 2480, 2488)
B 6.61% 19.31%   25.92% Summer session salary for 10 month appointees (object code 2010)
C 12.68% 6.61% 19.31%   38.60%

Non-exempt staff (object codes 2500)

D 12.68% 6.61%     19.29% Hourly non-student appointees in positions requiring more than 1000 annual hours of work (object codes 3050, 3100, 3200, 3205)
E   6.61%     6.61% Hourly non-student appointees in positions with less than 1000 annual hours of work (object codes 2300 through 2310, 3000, 3150, 3250)
F   6.61%     6.61% Supplemental payments for those doing internal consulting (object codes 4580, 4588)

Fall 2018: $1,281

Spring/Summer 2019: TBD

(1) Qualified graduate student employees (those appointed at 37.5% or more for at least one full semester, and taking at least 6 credit hours) or qualified fellowship recipients.

To view previous IU rates see: Previous IU Rates

Graduate Student Health Insurance & Fee Remissions:

(1) Fee remissions should be budgeted in accordance with Payments and Fee Remissions to Graduate Students on Sponsored Programs

Lab Animal Resources Per Diem Rates

Lab Animal Resources Per Diem Rates

Mileage Rates

See:  University Travel Mileage Rates for complete information.

Lodging and Per Diem Rates:

Indiana University reimburses lodging at actual cost and Per Diem at the rates used by the federal government. Rates vary based on destination. When the city is unknown, it is suggested that you budget Per Diem at $64 for domestic travel to most large cities.

See:  Indiana University Travel Per Diem Rates and Guidelines for complete information.

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