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Defining a Sponsored Project

Due to the varied but sometimes overlapping paths by which funding for sponsored projects and corporate and foundation giving are solicited, it can be unclear to those involved whether the awarded funds fall under the purview of the Indiana University Foundation or the research offices of Indiana University. The intended purpose of this policy is to provide guidance in defining sponsored projects as well as provide a review process for those cases that may seem unclear in the face of this guidance.

Most importantly, it should be noted that neither the process by which funds are acquired, nor the source of the external funds, nor the term "gift" or "grant" determine how the funds should be administered. The proper administration of funds is generally based upon the terms and conditions that are a requirement of the awarded funds.

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Resolution Process

Situations may arise where the proper classification cannot be readily determined by the guidance provided in this document. These situations should be referred to and shall be resolved mutually by and between the Indiana University Foundation and the Office of Research Administration.

If you still have questions or need assistance please contact Grant Services via the 'Contact Us' link to the left of this page.

Important Note: While not a determinant of gift or sponsored project, any activity involving the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, radiological hazards, recombinant DNA, or other research risks must obtain the proper prior approvals from the appropriate research office.

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